YKK HELLAS A.E.B.E. is working to provide products appropriate for the YKK BRAND to the customers, fulfilling the requirements of the customers, within a pre-determined time frame, through a sustainable approach of our environmental performance, as required by the YKK Group Environmental Charter.

In response to the Environmental Charter of YKK Group, and on the basis of sustainable development, we strive for the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

For the continual improvement of the environmental performance of YKK Hellas AEBE, are the following:

        Maintaining an organized, clean and safe working environment.
        Protection of human life, either company personnel or the wider society.
        Personnel training on the Environmental Awareness.
        Respect to the Greek Laws and the Constitution, with all their provisions.

The current labor laws and the Greek Constitution are upheld, with respect to the Directives of the European Union and the International Labor Organisation (ILO) Treaties which have been co-signed by the Greek Government. This fulfils the criteria of Social Accountability Systems.

In order to achieve the scopes of the company, the efforts and the attention of all is necessary.


General Manager of ΥΚΚ Hellas AEBE